Meet our Portfolio Companies


Next generation site search for top retail brands’ and shopping malls’ online presence.


Airworks develops aerial mapping software to help civil engineers and land developers assess and analyze construction sites in near real time.


ArrePath’s advanced machine learning and imaging-based drug discovery platform enables rapid and efficient identification of new drug classes with desired activity profiles and clinical utility, coupled with a deep understanding of mechanism of action at the outset of the discovery process.

AVA Robotics

A user-friendly and fully autonomous intelligent mobile robot platform delivering telepresence, disinfection, and security robotics solutions.


Deploying AI on the edge to enable virtual trials, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring.


Building the future of dentistry.


Advanced, AI-driven compression algorithms for AI models, improving energy-efficiency, memory, and prediction speed by >10x.

Dyania Health

Dyania applies NLP to patients’ medical records to accelerate clinical trial enrollment, eliminating the need for manual chart review and saving Pharma companies time and money.

Encora Therapeutics

Encora is developing a proprietary user-friendly wearable device powered by AI to help sense & reduce tremors & stiffness in real time in Parkinson’s & Essential Tremor patients.

English Helper

Transforming education through scalable AI technology.

Powered by an adaptive learning algorithm, is a test preparation application for job seekers in India. It provides a personalized learning experience for a successful job application process through video classes, mock exams, and flashcards.


Entromy is a leading software platform that delivers real-time nuanced insights for critical business decisions powered by AI and NLP.

Gyan AI

Given a research question, Gyan casts a wide net to capture and analyze content, and filter it down to the most relevant results.


Javelin Biotech

Javelin Biotech utilizes their expertise in Organ-On-A-Chip technology to bring the most human-relevant in-vitro data & computational biology/data analytics to drug discovery and development.


A digital health assistant backed by the world’s biggest database of drugs. Driven by AI insights, KnowYourMeds asks relevant questions to understand you better. It analyzes your drugs and medical conditions to offer tailor made support to keep you healthy.


Neurable is building the 1st true everyday Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) that can interpret human intent, measure emotion, and provide telekinetic control of the digital world.


Novig is a peer-to-peer sports betting exchange and the first platform to offer truly commission-free bets.


Nutrimedy is a web platform and mobile app that connects you to a registered dietitian for one-on-one nutrition counseling for a healthier happier you!


ODAIA offers a pharma-specific AI-driven sales and marketing SaaS data platform that is scalable and easy to adopt. It provides sales & marketing teams with insights and individualized recommendations to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness with clients.

Olaris Therapeutics

Building technology that combines metabolomics NMR spectroscopy with machine learning to predict patient biomarkers of response. Applicable to a variety of diseases it empowers patients, providers, and biopharma to optimize outcomes and reduce adverse events.


Assisting pathologists in making rapid and accurate diagnoses for every patient, every time.


PrismX is an NLP-enabled business process optimization platform that helps companies with digital transformation and legacy modernization by capturing requirements, modeling processes, and generating end-to-end working applications.

Starling Medical

Starling’s at-home urine diagnostic remote patient monitoring platform leverages AI to predict UTIs, refer patients to providers, and create better patient outcomes.

The Routing Company

The Routing Company is an on-demand vehicle routing and turnkey fleet management platform that partners with cities to power the future of public transit through AI-powered dynamic routing.

Thinkster Math

Thinkster Math provides an engaging gamified platform with online tutoring, based on the core curriculum for K-8 students.


Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to improve pathology detection in dental imaging for dentists and automating the creation of treatment plans for patients.


Leveraging AI to enable water utilities worldwide to make more informed decisions.


An AI-driven WiFi automation solution saving IT teams up to 90% in time spent resolving issues, reducing remote site visits by up to 80%, and reducing problem tickets by more than 50%.

Zeta Surgical

Transforming brain surgery with 3D-imaging and collaborative robotics using AI and image guidance at the point-of-care, to enable new treatments at the bedside.


Building AI-enabled cybersecurity for MSPs.